Sunday, 16 February 2014

900-Year-Old Viking Message Decoded, Reads 'Kiss Me'

The mystery of a 900-year-old Viking message has finally been solved. Cryptologists, put down your cipher devices, because the formerly incomprehensible code that's been haunting your dreams reads in part: "Kiss me."
A runic artifact that reads: "Kiss Me". Photographer: Jonas Nordby.
The baffling Jötunvillur code, which dates back to as early as the 9th century, has popped up in over 80 different Norse inscriptions, puzzling runologists (those who study the Viking rune alphabets) for some time. That is, until Jonas Nordby, a runologist from the University of Oslo, valiantly broke the code, realizing a simple pattern amongst the writings.
"For the jötunvillur code, one would replace the original runic character with the last sound of the rune name," he explained in an interview with "For example, the rune for 'f', pronounced 'fe,' would be turned into an 'e,' while the rune for 'k,' pronounced 'kaun,' became 'n.'"
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